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How to setup Deep Links for Android applications

Learn how to set up deep links for Android apps with our step-by-step guide. Enhance user experience and drive engagement with easy-to-follow instructions.

Everything you need to know about JSON Web Token

Discover the ins and outs of JWT with this concise guide. Learn what it is, how it works, and its practical uses in different applications.

Create text change hover effect

Discover the process of creating a captivating text hover effect that can enhance the aesthetics of any website.

Mastering the Mysteries of JavaScript Scopes

Discover the ins and outs of JavaScript scopes, including lexical scoping and the scope chain with this comprehensive guide.

Bulk install VS Code extensions

Guide how to install VS Code extensions in bulk instead of doing it one by one. Can be useful if you are setting up a new working environment.

Understanding equality in JavaScript

Take a deeper dive and understand how equality works under the hood to clarify your doubts once for all.

React hooks: useMemo

In world of React, useMemo is a hook that provides in component memoization. Understanding this hook can be useful since it can help with performance improvements.

Configuring macOS command line

To anyone who is into building a developer career, command line will become an important part of your workflow. Having nicely configured command line tools will make working with them much more enjoyable.

Quick introduction to SSH

Secure, passwordless and easy to use, SSH brings a lot of advantages in the world of modern software development. Knowing at least the basics and core principles of SSH is a great asset to have.

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